Wedding Invitation and Signage Design

Jenny & Travis

Eclectic Botanicals

Custom Invitation & signage suite

Every aspect of Jenny & Travis’ “wedding jubilee” reflected their relaxed outlook and artistic inclinations. After their elopement at City Hall, they had an intimate outdoor reception and camp-out in Loveland, Ohio. We created invitations, camp-kits, and signage for their expansive suite, being sure to capture their vision of whimsical illustrations full of verdant greens. In order to make the night even more memorable, we designed hand-drawn star charts for each set of guests—all 365 days accurately represented, with the wedding date subtly highlighted. Other details like hand-lettered typography, an illustrated stamp, and fun bright colors made this wedding feel like no other.

nota bene: watercolor illustration, hand-painted, hand-lettered, map, stamp


Stationery Photography: Stacey Smith